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The Future of Building

What key features do Zero Carbon Homes include?  We are proud to house all specialist trades within the project team.

Building Fabric

Successful design, energy modelling and implementation of materials to achieve the Lowest U-Value External Wall Construction, Air Tightness & Permeability, Windows and Openings, Insulation and overall Reduction of heat loss.

Our buildings display a U-Value of 0.12W/(m2K), externally finished in Render and using a variety of Thermal insulation materials (façade and mineral wool), Timber, OSB Board, and traditional plasterboard. The inclusion of Triple glazed windows boasting Ug 0.5 W/(m2K), and Uw 0.75 W/(m2K) are another feature of our build.


Our core principal is to reduce the need for Electricity and Gas with an exceptional building fabric. Then we consider the installation of Hydrogen Boilers, Smart Building Systems so users can view, monitor and manage their energy usage.

Renewable technologies

To further assist the M&E of our builds, we provide expert installation Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pump, MVHR , PV and Solar Water to aid the building M&E improvements, further enhancing the energy saving characteristics of the building.

Sustainable Drainage Network

Effective design and Installation of Soakaways, Rainwater Harvesting, grey Water Systems, Permeable paving as a minimum to harvest and reuse rainwater and waste water around the building and amenities to save on water usage.




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